Live Well, my Friends

If things had come together like I had hoped, I would have missed out on both of the experiences with my grandmothers. Instead, I have moments I can treasure for the rest of my life. So when things don't go as you plan, just know God can see the big picture. We are limited by what we think we know.

Yes. No. Maybe…

I interviewed for the position, but later pulled my name from the list of candidates. My husband was frustrated and extremely disappointed. I was a wreck. I didn’t want to hurt him, but didn’t I have to be real with myself?

From Writing to Teaching

I have been a restaurant manager, a public relations coordinator, a massage therapist, a legal assistant, an administrative assistant, and more. I have struggled to find where I would be the most satisfied and finally decided to sit down and take a hard look at my patterns. The one thing that stuck out to me above everything else was how many times different paths led me to teaching and/or mentoring.